Asian Games 2018: India settled for two bronze from debut sport bridge

Asian Games 2018: India settled for two bronze from debut sport bridge

The sport of bridge has been presented for the first time in the Asian Games.

The men’s team has an average age of 52 while the mixed team has 57.

India settled for two bronze from the debut sport of bridge at the Asian Games 2018 after the men and mixed teams lost their semifinal matches.

The men’s team lost to Singapore while the mixed team suffered defeat at the hands of Thailand.

After the qualification rounds, the men’s bridge team was placed fourth while the mixed team took the top spot.


The six-member men’s team comprised Jaggy Shivdasani, Raju Tolani, Rajeshwar Tewari, Debabrata Majumder, Ajay Khare, and Sumit Mukherjee.

The mixed team is made up of Kiran Nadar, Rajeev Khandelwal, Bachiraju Satyanarayana, Hema Deora, Himani Khandelwal, and Gopinath Manna.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was among the first ones to send a personal message to them and their admirable act was discussed on Twitter too.

An unlikely group:-

This group is comprised of grannies, a couple of industrialists, specialists, a workmanship authority, a draftsman, and even a retired school teacher.

Himani Khandelwal (The youngest women in the team) is 47 while Rita Choksi (the eldest in the team) is 79-year-old.

Also the eldest member of the Indian contingent at the Asian Games, she has been playing the game since the 1970s and is among the most experienced players in the nation.

Get some information about their efforts at the Asian Games and every one of them says a similar thing, “We are not really happy with our bronze medals. We unquestionably could have improved the situation.”


A bridge is played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards. One of the players bargains the greater part of the cards. 13 to every player, in a clockwise revolution, starting with the player to one side of the dealer.


The game is played with four players isolated into groups of two individuals each. The groups are called “pairs”. The players sitting across from each other at the same table form partnerships as North-South and East-West.

Suits are ranked upwards — clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades, and no trumps.

In case they achieve the number of traps agreed at closeout they win, the game but if not, they lose. The team with the highest number of games in their account wins.

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