Asian Games 2018, Indonesia: Muhammad Anas Wins Silver in the Men’s 400m Race


ASIAN GAMES 2018, Indonesia: Muhammad Anas wins the silver medal in the men’s 400m race in Asian Games 2018.

Muhammad Anas, also the national record holder, was unable to replicate his efforts from the semi-finals, where he had qualified fastest for the final round.

Muhammad Anas bagged a silver medal in Asian games 2018 in the men’s 400m at Jakarta, Indonesia. He finished the race with a time of 45.69 seconds.

Anas had finished the race in Semi-final with a time of 45.30 seconds. Topped overall but was unable to top in the final. Abdalelah Hassan of Qatar finished top with a time of 44.89 seconds.


For Anas, it was a quick begin with a response time of 0.151 seconds that saw his neck and neck with the Qatari after 100 meters yet Hassan quickened from there on, pulling great clear of the field.

Khamis Ali of Bahrain also ran a strong race and almost pipped Anas to the silver, completing only 0.01 seconds arrears past due behind the 23-year-old from Kerala.

Arokia Rajiv, who won the Asian Games bronze at Incheon 4 years prior, could just complete 4th on this event, with a period of 45.84 seconds. Anas, who had quite recently passed up a decoration at the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, will be happy with his first Asian Games award.

Anas and Rajiv will now anticipate the men’s 4X400 meter hand-off and the blended 4X400 relay. It was additionally the first run through since 1982 that India won a decoration in the men’s 400 meters since 1982.

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