Sachin Tendulkar vs Alastair Cook: Who is better

sachin vs cook

Statistical Comparison after 161 Tests between Sachin Tendulkar and Alastair Cook

Break Sachin Tendulkar’s record of most Test runs, Alastair Cook has just finished playing his last Test match, at The Oval against India.

Cook, became the 13th player to pass the mark of 30 Test tons.
He wrapped up his career by hitting a certain century, like how he began his celebrated profession.

At the age of 33 years, Cook’s retirement came as a shock to the Fans. But Indian fans must be very relieved by this news.  Cook posed a great threat to the records held by Sachin Tendulkar in Tests.

With his brilliant performances, everyone believes that Sachin’s record was breakable. He kept on scoring runs with ease.

Sachin Tendulkar and Alastair Cook
Sachin Tendulkar and Alastair Cook: Test career

To know who was better, Cook or Tendulkar? see the comparisons between the two batsmen’s careers up to 161 Tests.

Despite the fact that it is baseless to look at two batsmen from different eras.

Only for records, let’s take a look who was better —

Sachin Tendulkar Alastair Cook
Test Matches 200 161
Innings 329 291
Runs 15,921 12,472
High Score 248 294
Average 53.79 45.35
Strike Rate 54.08 46.95
200 6 5
100 51 33
50 68 57
6 69 11
4 2058 1441

It can be concluded that Sachin is ahead of his counterpart as far as runs scored and centuries hit in the wake of playing a similar number of Test matches. No matter who is ahead, they both will be remembered as greats to have played the Gentlemen’s game with genuine soul and sportsmanship.

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